Ever since 1898, when Olof Ohman, a Swedish immigrant working his fields in what is now Douglas County, MN, found the 202-lb., mysteriously engraved stone tangled in the roots of an uprooted tree, controversy has raged over the artifact’s authenticity. The stone, dated 1362, soon proved how difficult the search for the truth can be—and raised eyebrows over the possibility that North European explorers predated Columbus in America.

Authors: Richard Nielsen and Scott F. Wolter

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  Using exhaustive research, objective analysis and personal testimony, Nielsen, Wolter, and their team have left scientific prejudice behind and refused to leave one document or stone left unturned. The book unearths never-before-seen clues that offer a gripping account of the Rune Stone’s authenticity, such as:
•  Fascinating geological evidence, previously ignored but unmistakable, and now a powerful dating testimony
•  An astounding connection to previously undeciphered runes, found in the graveyards of Sweden
•  A treasure trove of unknown letters from the Ohman family themselves—as well as private interviews that break a decades-long silence on critical events
•  The Larsson Family Papers, which helped shed light on the mysterious identity of the stone’s carvers
•  The Cistercian Templars, and the intriguing role they may have in the discovery
•  The final decoding of the curious, but deliberate, anomalies in several significant runes

   Scott Wolter    Dick Nielsen
  The Kensington Rune Stone has been the subject of passionate debate over its authenticity since it was discovered in the roots of a tree near Kensington, Minnesota,by Olof Ohman in 1898. Through the presentation of compelling new evidence this book answers the many nagging questions that have eluded investigators for over 100 years. Much of this new evidence is truly startling and has led to the understanding of not only who carved the stone, but where they came from and why the came to North America. Co-authors geologist Scott Wolter and engineer Richard Nielsen present the evidence of their collective 25 years of research on the artifact. The results of their research present a compelling and convincing case.

The Kensington Rune Stone: Compelling New Evidence is both a forensic inquisition and engaging mystery. As an easy-to-follow reference source, it’s the must-have guide for making an informed decision about the evidence surrounding one of the most famous inscriptions in North America. As the scientific community’s own Da Vinci Code, this book is poised to expose the clash of scientific ideology, politics and academia—while distilling the truth into one clear, but spellbinding, tome.

  Table of Contents:
Discovery of the Kensington Rune Stone
Geology of the Kensington Rune Stone
Language and Runes of the Kensington Rune Stone
The History of Gotland and the Templars
Stumbles in Scholarship
Willie Sarsland
Gran Tapes
Ohman Letters
Ohman Documents
Who Owns the Kensington Rune Stone?
My Experience with the Kensington Rune Stone